Our finest fitted sheet: Formidabel

Exceptionally elegant, fine jersey fitted sheet with elastane. Refined with aloe vera and silk proteins.

One fitted sheet – many colours. Choose your favourite Formidabel!

Formidabel - Natur 001

The stuff of dreams

Formidabel sets the benchmark in the world of luxury fitted sheets. This top-of-the-range fitted sheet has an insurpassable look and feel.

We only use specially developed fine yarns of purest supercombed, long-fibre cotton in the Formidabel. These are used to produce a high-quality yarn that is gassed, mercerised and finished using every trick of the trade, and then woven into a superb fabric. The final polish is given by a meticulous finish using nourishing substances such as aloe vera and silk proteins.

A Formidabel fitted sheet shimmers with an elegant sheen and offers an incomparably silky-smooth feel. This fitted sheet is quite simply the stuff of dreams – and can now be yours to dream on.

Formidabel fitted sheets can be teamed perfectly with high-quality jersey and satin bed linen.

An excellent fit

Our Formidabel fitted sheets are made with 6 % elastane. The increased recovery this offers means your fitted sheet will sit perfectly on your mattress.

Easy to fit

Every Formidabel fitted sheet includes a label with size and care symbols. Simply pull the ‘clever corner’ with the label over the top right-hand corner of your mattress – and your sheet fits perfectly.

Minimum pilling

Our Formidabel fitted sheets exhibit hardly any pilling at all. All because we use only the finest cotton yarn with especially long fibres.

Formidabel is made from 94 % long-fibre cotton, 6 % elastane, aloe vera & silk proteins. Naturally certified in accordance with the OekoTex® Standard 100 and awarded the Confidence in Textiles seal of approval.