Gentle all round: Organic quality from Formesse

Our products are made in Germany in compliance with strict environmental standards and sustainability principles.

Produced in Germany

Regional not globalised. We completely follow the “made in Germany” statement and produce all our branded articles in Germany. Our products all carry the global Confidence in Textiles, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 seal of approval. And naturally, the principles of sustainability also apply to our closely monitored production facilities in Germany:

  • We protect textiles and conserve the environment by adhering to strict environmental standards and implementing the latest techniques and technologies.
  • We minimise waste and dispose of it in a proper manner.
  • We only cooperate with reliable suppliers of Quality.

Lyocell / Tencel®: Biodegradable

Tencel® is a cellulose fibre we use in our Bella Donna Clima protective cover and our Bella Donna Summer Blanket. Tencel® is completely biodegradable and contains no chemical additives whatsoever. The fibres have an excellent life cycle assessment and derive from wood, a renewable resource, which is exclusively sourced from sustainable forestry. Quite simply the healthiest form of sleep. The same material with those same characteristics but under the generic name Lyocell is being used in our Satinesse Air protective cover. Quite simply the healthiest form of sleep.

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