Select the perfect pillowcase to match your favourite sheet – for pillows of many different shapes and sizes.

Bella Donna Interlock Jersey pillowcase

Made from 100% long-fibre, mercerised cotton. With 27 colours to choose from, they team up perfectly with our Formesse high-quality fitted sheet range.

Bella Donna Jersey fitted pillowcase

Gloriously soft pillowcase for medical pillows. Made from high-quality cotton with aloe vera and silk proteins.

Summer Pillowcase

A refreshing summer pillowcase for hot summer nights. Made from high-quality cotton with Tencel® climate control, aloe vera and silk proteins.

Satinesse Air pillow protector

This protective cover for pillows with three-dimensional mesh structure combines heat balance, moisture control and pressure equalisation in a single product. Available in stores from March 2014.

Bella Donna Clima pillow protector

High-performance pillow protector with the functional fibre Tencel®. Natural hygienic protection for an exceptionally healthy sleeping environment.

Stretch-Molton pillow protector

With its natural cotton base, this easy-care cover protects your pillow against soiling and creates a pleasantly dry sleeping climate.