The active pillow protector with Tencel®: Bella Donna Clima

High-performance pillow protector with the functional fibre Tencel®. Natural hygienic protection against dust mites, bacteria and unpleasant odours – for an exceptionally healthy sleeping environment.

Healthier sleep

Protect your pillow against dust mites, bacteria and unpleasant odours with a tough pillow protector. Because healthy sleep requires a healthy sleeping environment. Our Bella Donna Clima pillow protector guarantees a healthy sleeping environment and active hygiene.

This protective cover for pillows is available in different sizes. Its 100% Tencel® terry surface provides effective climate control. Tencel® is a natural cellulose fibre that has excellent moisture absorbing qualities. It stores moisture at night and releases it back into the environment during the day. A Bella Donna Clima pillow protector thus ensures a healthy, dry bed and keeps away dust mites, bacteria and unpleasant odours.

Also available as a mattress protector.

Sustainable Tencel®

Tencel® is derived from the renewable resource wood. It is completely biodegradable and contains no chemical additives. The wood is all sourced from sustainable forestry.

Bella Donna Clima pillow protectors are made from 82 % Tencel®, 16 % polyester, 2 % elastane (100 % Tencel terry surface). Naturally certified in accordance with the OekoTex® Standard 100, awarded the Confidence in Textiles seal of approval and “Made in Germany“.

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