A fitted sheet like no other: Bella Donna Edel-Frottee

Soft and cosy fitted sheet perfect for the cooler season, made from fine terry with aloe vera. Silky smooth to the touch and with a fabulous sheen. A perfect fit on any mattress – even on waterbeds.

One fitted sheet – many colours. Choose your favourite Edel-Frottee!

Bella Donna Edel-Frottee (Fine Terry) - Natur 001

Cosy quality

You’ll look forward to bedtime with our super soft and cosy Bella Donna fitted sheet of fine terry. Made from high-quality, thick cotton pile, this cosy sheet is nothing like other terry fitted sheets. For a start, its terry loops are extra small and fine, so the sheet looks and feels more like velour. Next, the addition of aloe vera ensures that the sheet displays a fine silky sheen that indulges your senses. Finally, the fitted sheet fits perfectly on every size of mattress as if it were custom-made, as well as being colourfast and having an exceptionally long lifespan. It’s definitely time for bed – with Bella Donna Edel-Frottee (Fine Terry).

An excellent fit

Our Bella Donna Edel-Frottee (Fine Terry) fitted sheets with elastane appear tailor-made for your mattress – no matter whether you have a standard or non-standard size, or a waterbed. And their excellent recovery means they fit without a crease.

Easy to fit

Every Bella Donna Edel-Frottee (Fine Terry) fitted sheet includes a label with size and care symbols. Simply pull the ‘clever corner’ with the label over the top right-hand corner of your mattress – and your sheet fits perfectly.

Bella Donna Edel-Frottee (Fine Terry) is made from 68 % cotton, 30 % polyamide, 2 % elastane and aloe vera (100 % cotton napping). Naturally certified in accordance with the OekoTex® Standard 100, awarded the Confidence in Textiles seal of approval and “Made in Germany“.

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