Mattress protector with polymer membrane: Satinesse Protect

The easy-care cover reliably protects the mattress surface from moisture, thus extending your mattress’s lifespan.Also available for non-standard sizes and waterbeds.

Polymer membrane with cotton

The moisture-resistant yet breathable polymer membrane prevents moisture and wetness from penetrating the protective cover. The cotton content ensures top sleeping comfort.

Protection for allergy sufferers

Membrane technology provides effective protection against dust mites. It interrupts their food chain, as skin particles can no longer reach the mattress. At the same time it creates a physical barrier between mattress and sleeper.

Additional hygiene and freshness

Satinesse Protect is treated with an EU-approved biocide. The active ingredient
Dimethyl tetradecyl[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ammonium chloride helps prevent unpleasant odours in textile
products and enshyures additional hygiene. The biocide also offers reliable protection against dust mites.

An excellent fit

Satinesse Protect protective covers fit your mattress without a crease thanks to their elastic polymer membrane and jersey side components. They appear tailor-made for your mattress – no matter whether you have a standard or non-standard size, a boxspring-system or a waterbed.

This easy-care protective cover can be easily fitted over your mattress just like a normal fitted sheet, and is scarcely discernible under your fitted sheet.

Satinesse Protect is made from 50 % cotton, 50 % polyester (polymer membrane). 96 % cotton, 4 % elastane (jersey side components). Naturally certified in accordance with the OekoTex® Standard 100, awarded the Confidence in Textiles seal of approval and made in Europe.

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