Keeps you cool on hot summer nights: Bella Donna Summer Pillowcase

A refreshing summer pillowcase for hot summer nights. Made from high-quality cotton with Tencel® climate control, aloe vera and silk proteins.

Choose between five elegant colors and two versions:

NEW: Double-face

Our standard summer pillowcase is manufactured with the functional fibre Tencel® (darker face) on the outside.

Our new double-face summer pillowcase features high-quality cotton jersey on one side (lighter face) and Tencel® (darker face) on the other. The double-face pillowcase satisfies all different requirements for look and feel.

Climate control

For those who have always dreamt of refreshing sleep on hot summer nights, the dream is now a reality. Thanks to the natural cellulose fibre Tencel®, our elegant summer pillowcase incorporates a sophisticated climate control concept to ensure pleasant temperatures and a dry sleeping environment. Its incredible functional fibres ensure that the pillowcase effectively absorbs moisture, thereby reducing bacteria and unpleasant odours.

Teams up well with our Bella Donna Summer Blanket.

Sustainable Tencel®

Tencel® is derived from the renewable resource wood. It is completely biodegradable and contains no chemical additives. The wood is all sourced from sustainable forestry.

Bella Donna Summer Pillowcase

The Bella Donna Summer Pillowcase is made from 39 % Tencel®, 39 % cotton, 22 % polyester (lining), aloe vera & silk proteins. Naturally certified in accordance with the OekoTex® Standard 100, awarded the Confidence in Textiles seal of approval and “Made in Germany“.

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