Very reliable

at an
attractive price

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Our sheet
for the mid-luxury segment

Our Bella Sephina comes somewhere between our high-end luxury Bella Donna Jersey and our entry-level luxury Bella Gracia.

Climate neutral product

Made from:
96% high-quality compact cotton yarn,
4% elastane

  • Very reliable jersey sheet
  • Opaque
  • Perfect shape and wrinkle-free fit
  • Robust elasticated border
  • In 32 vivid colours
  • Mattress thickness: 25 cm

Best friend ever.

32 colours

Which colour tempts you today?

In brief

What makes this sheet different to Bella Donna Jersey?

As all of our products have exceptional properties, it’s not always easy to tell the difference just by looking. So how can you decide which fitted sheet suits your needs best? Let’s take a brief look at the differences between Bella Sephina and Bella Donna Jersey.            

High-quality, combed cotton yarn

Bella Donna Jersey is knitted from yarn. Supercombed, long-staple cotton produces particularly fine and even single cotton yarns. Twisting two of these yarn strands together produces a particularly tear-resistant, robust ply yarn.   
Our Bella Sephina fitted sheets are knitted from high-quality, combed, compact yarn. Unlike conventional yarn, the individual fibres of compact yarn are compacted so there are no break points in the thread and no fibre ends protrude, leaving no rough surface on which pilling can develop.

Very reliable quality at an attractive price.

The weight

Bella Sephina is not as heavy as a Bella Donna Jersey fitted sheet. Yet still you can feel just how much cotton has been finely knitted to make this long-lasting sheet.

Perfect elasticity that stays elastic – and an immaculate fit.

IN SHORT: If you are searching for a very reliable quality at an attractive price,...

… then our Bella Sephina is the right choice for you. Because of its high-quality, combed cotton yarn and fine knitting technique, the Bella Sephina fitted sheet is the perfect middle ground between high-quality yet not super exclusive.
If you prefer your sheets a little more luxurious, then our Bella Donna Jersey fitted sheet is the right choice for you. Here we use a robust yet fine, ply yarn made from supercombed, long-staple cotton. Gassing removes any protruding filaments using a flame, making ply yarn even more uniform and resilient. The fabric itself is then refined with the addition of aloe vera and silk proteins, which ensure a particularly soft feel and a subtle colour sheen.


Perfect fit

Wrinkle-free forever… matter how much you twist and turn in your sleep. All our fitted sheets fit perfectly. Even the next morning. Without ironing!

The very high-quality jersey knit and small amount of elastane make a great team. BPicture this: You can really stretch the sheet out so that it wraps perfectly around the corners and underneath the mattress. The sheet will sheathe the mattress without a wrinkle, because after being stretched out, the fabric contracts back again. What we’re talking about is that wonderful combination of elasticity and elastic recovery.



We recommend you wash your sheet before first use. Not only is it more hygienic, it also creates our perfect fit, as all knitted fabrics shrink the very first time they’re washed. The degree of initial shrinkage has been carefully calculated in all our patterns.

Finally, thanks to a thick elasticated border, the edges of our fitted sheets always stay where they belong. Under the mattress.                           

A perfect fit

On any mattress – even for waterbeds.

  • Bed types

    Bella Sephina provides a perfect, wrinkle-free fit on mattress thicknesses up to 25cm. Whether standard size, oversized or waterbed.

    Is your mattress thicker or do you have an additional topper? In which case we recommend a Bella Donna Jersey or Bella Gracia fitted sheet.

Our combi sizes

We work with combi sizes: One sheet size will fit a range of mattresses. This is a practical side effect of our fitted sheets’ tremendous elasticity.

For example, Bella Sephina in a size 13 will fit mattresses with a:

Width of 140 - 160cm
Length of 200 - 220cm
Thickness of up to 25cm

TIP: To ensure your sheet fits perfectly, please do not use the upper limits of all three measurements (width, length and thickness) in combination. In this case, the measurements 160 x 220 x 25cm (WxLxT).

If you’re reaching the upper limits of all three measurements, we recommend choosing the next size up. One of our specialist retailers will be happy to help you with this somewhat tricky question.

TIP: If you know the dimensions (WxLxT) and the approximate hardness/softness of your mattress, your specialist retailer can find the perfect sheet size for you.

Exquisite ingredients

So much goodness inside

Not all cottons are the same

Bella Sephina is made from 96% high-quality, medium to long, combed cotton fibres. Combing removes all the foreign bodies that can be found on any cotton plantation (e.g. animal and vegetable particles), as well as removing short cotton fibres and bringing medium-length cotton fibres into shape. Combed yarn is always a sign of quality. Add our compact spinning process and you have the basis for a wonderfully long-lasting, high-quality fitted sheet.

No pilling thanks to combed cotton and compact yarn.              

Beautifully brilliant colours

Our fitted sheets are dyed in Germany, using the latest technologies and in accordance with stringent EU environmental standards. Bella Sephina fitted sheets come in 34 brilliant colours that lose nothing of their brilliance, even after many washes.

Colours to make you smile.                      


Medium-heavy sheet, wonderfully uniform surface

A Bella Sephina fitted sheet is lighter than a Bella Donna Jersey and heavier than a Bella Gracia. The yarn fibre is slightly thicker than the one used in Bella Gracia, which is what produces the heavier weight. The high quality of yarn and small, uniform knit make the surface beautifully even.

The good mood sheet of the mid-luxury segment.

Finest materials, naturally tested and certified

Cotton is a wonderful raw material, but unfortunately it doesn’t grow in Germany. We source our cotton yarns and our super-fine elastane thread from selected German yarn dealers. The yarn we purchase is then knitted to form our jersey fabrics, dyed and finished in Germany. Around 95% of our products are made in Germany. A small but vital part is also carried out by a family business in Slovakia.

Our products are tested for harmful substances and certified by OEKO-TEX® Service GmbH.

Certified with the "STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®" seal of approval and Made in Germany.   

We are climate neutral – and so are all our products

As a company that takes its responsibilities seriously, we must also play our part in limiting global warming. As a result, we have planned, initiated and already implemented a large number of measures to reduce our carbon emissions.

Our company and our products are officially climate neutral. This means that Formesse offsets all (as yet) unavoidable emissions by supporting certified climate protection projects.

The calculation of our "carbon footprint" is carried out by ClimatePartner Deutschland GmbH.



Easy to change

Especially when it comes to larger bed sizes with a width of 160cm or more, you’re often faced with the problem: "Which is the longer side and which is the shorter side?
All our Bella Sephina fitted sheets come with a care label, which also shows the size. The ‘clever corner’ with the label is designed to fit over the top right or bottom left corner of the mattress.             

Find the clever corner – and your sheet fits perfectly first time.           

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