Fitted sheets and mattress protectors for waterbeds

Fitted sheets and mattress protectors for waterbeds

Our fitted sheets and mattress protectors provide a perfect, wrinkle-free fit, even on more complicated, mobile waterbed mattresses. Our very high-quality Jersey knit and skilful incorporation of a small amount of elastane make a particularly good team for this kind of bed.

Picture this: You can really stretch the sheet out so that it wraps perfectly around the corners and underneath the mattress. The sheet will sheathe the mattress without a wrinkle, because after being stretched out, the fabric contracts back again. All thanks to that wonderful combination of elasticity and elastic recovery. Our products respond perfectly to the continual movement you encounter with a waterbed mattress.

Our range includes a wide product palette for waterbeds: from Standard-size fitted sheets and mattress protectors to custom-made sizes.

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