Motorised bedframe systems
(height-adjustable head and foot sections)

We have special solutions in our range for these complex bed systems. Our Duo fitted sheets and mattress protectors are produced with an individual incision for beds with separately adjustable head and foot sections. The standard incision length is 80cm. We can also manufacture alternative incision lengths as custom-made orders.

    • Our Duo1 version is suitable for beds with a height-adjustable head section.
    • Our Duo2 version is suitable for beds with height-adjustable head and foot sections.

Our Duo versions are available for different mattress thicknesses:

    • Standard mattresses with a thickness of up to 25cm require our Standard sheet.
    • Toppers with a thickness of up to 10cm require our La Piccola version.
    • Very thick mattresses up to 45cm (e.g. boxspring) require our Alto version.
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