Boxspring and topper fitted sheets and mattress protectors

Boxspring and topper fitted sheets and mattress protectors

A perfect, wrinkle-free fit – not always easy to achieve when you have a mattress with more unusual dimensions. However, our fitted sheets and mattress protectors rise to any challenge. They can handle very thin mattresses (toppers) or very thick mattresses. Or even one on top of the other (a topper on top of a thick mattress), which is frequently the case with boxspring beds. 

In the case of mattress toppers with a thickness of up to 10cm, it is also important to consider the firmness of the topper.

  • Soft toppers

    Soft mattress toppers can have the tendency to bend like a banana or dent at the corners when you put on a fitted sheet or mattress protector. This problem can be solved by using our specially sized topper version:
    La Piccola.

    We cut our La Piccola fitted sheets a little more generously to ensure that the sheet does not compress softer toppers, despite its elasticity.

  • Firm toppers

    For firmer, shape-retaining toppers, you can also use our tighter fitting, Standard-size fitted sheets and mattress protectors. Please stretch these sheets out after washing to ensure that your topper does not curl up.

  • Extra thick mattresses

    For extra thick mattresses with a thickness of approx. 30-45 cm (e.g. boxspring bed mattresses), we recommend you use our Alto version. Alto is also suitable if you want to use a single fitted sheet or mattress protector over a mattress and topper together. Our Alto sheet has extra-long corner seams and a robust elasticated border, so the edges disappear under the mattress.

Our tip:

Please wash your fitted sheets and mattress protectors before first use. Not only is it more hygienic, it also creates our perfect fit, as all knitted fabrics shrink the very first time they’re washed. The degree of initial shrinkage has been carefully calculated in all our patterns.

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