Cotton and elastane

Our fitted sheets are mostly made from cotton. We add a very small proportion (3-4%) of elastane.

Key benefits of cotton:

  • Skin-friendly and low allergy potential
  • Dry sleep climate thanks to high absorbency. Cotton can absorb a great deal of moisture before it begins to feel damp to the touch.
  • Excellent tensile strength, so it can endure many wash cycles without damage.
  • Good resistance to alkalis (laundry detergents).
  • Does not attract clothes moths as they favour animals fibres such as wool.

Quality characteristics of cotton

Cotton’s most important quality characteristic is the length of its fibres (or staples). The longer the fibres, the fewer the fibre ends, the higher the tensile strength and the less likely it is for pilling to occur (little balls forming on the surface of the fabric).

  • Short staple (< 25 mm)
  • Medium staple (25 – 35 mm)
  • Long staple (> 35 mm)

Other quality characteristics of cotton include uniformity, fineness and purity, because you will sometimes find husk, stalk and leaf remnants amongst the fibres.


Elastane fibres (elastomers) are ultra-fine, extremely elastic and tear-resistant. Their elongation at break lies at over 500 percent, which is twice as high as comparable rubber fibres. Moreover, elastane fibres do not degenerate over time.

Combining cotton and elastane

The outstanding elasticity of our products, in other words the perfect interplay of stretchiness and elastic recovery, is why our fitted sheets give you such a perfect, wrinkle-free fit. This elasticity is created by carefully combining cotton and elastane in the knitting process (also known as elastomeric plating) and by a high-quality knit with a particularly large number of very fine stitches.

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