No pilling – how is that possible?

We all know those little balls that form on cheaper clothes or bed sheets, and then irritate the skin unpleasantly. So you’ll be pleased to know, pilling is not something that happens with our fabrics!

A clever combination of different material properties and finishing steps means our products look great for a long time to come. 

Protruding fibre ends are what tend to produce little balls on the surface of a fabric, otherwise known as pilling. These fibre ends create an abrasive surface and when you rub this surface, the abrasion pulls out the fibre ends further and twists them into little balls. The surface of a fitted sheet is naturally exposed to a much higher degree of abrasion than an item of clothing.

We do everything we can to keep these fibre ends and their abrasive potential to an absolute minimum. And we are very happy with the results. The combination of the following materials, production processes and finishing stages is what prevents our products from pilling:

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