How to make your fitted sheet fit perfectly

Our fitted sheets are knitted with a large amount of raw material (i.e. single or ply cotton yarn), making them robust enough to really pull into position to ensure an optimum fit. You can feel just how much cotton has been incorporated, because our sheets are really heavy in your hand. And when you unfold them, you won’t suddenly see your hand shimmering through the fabric. They are simply far too opaque for that to happen.

What is more, our jersey fitted sheets are extremely elastic. This is thanks to the particularly fine knitted stitches, but also to the small proportion of elastane we add. You can really stretch our sheets out so that the corners fit perfectly over the corners of your mattress and the elasticated border disappears underneath it. 

How to make your fitted sheet fit perfectly

So when fitting your sheet, grab hold of the fabric in the middle of the sheet and pull it out to the four corners. The sheet will sheathe the mattress without a wrinkle, because after being stretched out, the fabric springs back again. The sheet should now fit like a glove with neat corners, no wrinkles and no part of the mattress on view. Finally, thanks to a thick elasticated border, the edges of our fitted sheets always stay where they belong. Under the mattress.

If this isn’t the case, you may require a different size and we recommend you ask your specialist retailer for advice.

Our TIP:

Please wash your sheet before first use. Not only is it more hygienic, it also creates our perfect fit, as all knitted fabrics shrink the very first time they’re washed. The degree of initial shrinkage has been carefully calculated in all our patterns.

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