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Discover the world of Formesse

Fitted sheets and bedroom textiles of the highest quality. Made in Germany.

Are you looking for a fitted sheet that fits your mattress perfectly? A sheet that’s a pleasure to lie on and that looks great for a long time? Are you looking for a protective cover that isn’t visible under your fitted sheet? A protective cover that doesn’t wrinkle up and not only protects your mattress, but also creates a comfortable sleep environment?

Formesse is synonymous with exceptionally high-quality and long-lasting fitted sheets. But we’re also well-known for our high-quality protective covers and pillowcases, as well as for our unique summer blankets.

As a third-generation family business that manufactures in Germany, our expertise is in fine quality and optimum fit. Discover our beautiful bed textiles for a refreshing night’s sleep and experience the difference that Formesse makes.

Discover our world of fine bed textiles

Sleep well and wonderfully.
With quality from Formesse.

6 good reasons to choose Formesse

Formesse stands for ...

Extremely good fitted sheets – quality you can see and feel.

Our fitted sheets last and last and last. You’d certainly have bought another one by now.

With skill and expertise

To make our fabrics, up to 3,000 spools of yarn are mounted on our different knitting machines. Around 25,000 knitting needles often work simultaneously.

Made in Germany

A family business from the German Black Forest invented the luxury jersey sheet. The skill came from Germany, but the original impetus came from The Netherlands.

A guaranteed fit for your bed and your mattress

Is there still such a thing as THE classic bed? Sure. But these days, beds come in many more shapes and sizes. We make great quality fitted sheets and protective covers for every bed system and every mattress.

The fine art of textile engineering

Different types of sleepers mean very different sleep requirements. Thanks to their different fabrics and composition, our protective covers offer a wide range of different functions. Our summer blanket is also a textile miracle.

A little luxury that goes a long way

It’s a simple calculation really. Our products last for what seems an eternity. They still look great years later and are produced in Germany in accordance with high social and environmental standards. So you can feel good about investing in quality.

The latest from us

Bella Donna Premium - There’s nothing better! 

Complements luxury satin bed linen perfectly. Our premium fitted sheets with a particularly smooth and lustrous silky sheen surface. A uniquely luxurious und opaque jersey sheet.

Mattress Protector
Bella Donna Edel-Molton

(Fine Molton):

cosy and dry during wintertime

Extremely absorbent protective mattress cover that uses natural cotton. Specially soft and cosy surface, thanks to a thicker pile and large amount of cotton fibres. Ensures a pleasantly dry sleep environment.


Bella Donna (Summer) Blanket:

cosy and warm in wintertime

Our ultimate comfort factor: placed under your blanket during wintertime, our Summer Blanket will provide an extra dose of warmth and cosiness to your bed.


Stretch-Molton pillow protector

Soft pillow protector made from napped cotton molton. Extremely absorbent for a pleasantly dry sleep environment.

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