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Discover the Formesse mattress protector that you and your mattress deserve.

"Why does my mattress need a mattress protector?"

Healthy, refreshing sleep needs the right environment. Protective covers protect your mattress from dirt, moisture and skin cells. This deprives dust mites of their food source and protects your mattress from unattractive stains and odours, thereby prolonging its lifespan.                                   

"What I really want is a healthy, dry sleep environment."

May we present:

Bella Donna Clima with TENCEL™ Lyocell

Active hygienic protection with the functional fibre TENCEL™ Lyocell. Natural protection against dust mites, bacteria and unpleasant odours. For a pleasantly dry sleep climate.                       

"I’m looking for a really thick and soft mattress protector."

We recommend a molton.

Bella Donna Fine Molton (Edel-Molton)

3mm thick, soft mattress protector made from cotton molton. Extremely absorbent for a cosy and dry sleep climate.

"Aren’t there high-tech fabrics that can do all sorts of things?"

We have something very special for you.

Satinesse Air Silver                              

This mattress protector with its three-dimensional mesh structure balances heat, moisture and pressure in a single product.             

"Do you have a recommendation for allergy sufferers?"

But of course.

Satinesse Protect                                          

Equipped with a laminated, breathable polymer membrane and an anti-mite finish, this mattress protector offers effective protection against dust mites.                                             

"I need something that repels moisture."

We have two different products for you.

Satinesse Air & Satinesse Protect

Our Satinesse Air Silver mattress protector is equipped with a moisture-repellent finish.

Our Satinesse Protect mattress protector is impermeable to dust mites and water-repellent, thanks to a laminated polymer membrane

"Do you have protective covers for particularly thick mattresses, boxspring beds and toppers?"

Of course we do!

All our protective covers are also available for particularly thick or thin mattresses.
You can find more information on the respective product pages or under Service & advice.

What all our mattress protectors have in common:

All Formesse mattress protectors have the same format as a fitted sheet. In other words, they envelop the mattress and are held in place by a robust elasticated border that is tucked away under the mattress. So unlike conventional mattress protectors, unattractive edges are not visible through the sheet. Instead you have a beautifully smooth and even sleeping surface.       

Further similarities:

• First-class, high-quality materials
• Excellent fit
• Solutions for all bed systems
• Made in Germany or Made in Europe (in the case of Satinesse Protect)

Service & advice

Do you need more sales advice or are unsure which protective cover is the right one for you? We have put together lots of helpful information and tips for you in our service area.

Here you can also find information about mattress protectors for WATERBEDS and BOXSPRING BEDS.

Do you need a NON-STANDARD SIZE for your mattress? You can also find information about our atelier service here.


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