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"What makes fitted sheets from Formesse so different?"

We made the conscious decision years ago to produce only the best possible quality – in Germany – and produce fitted sheets that fit every mattress perfectly. So if you’re looking for an acceptable sheet that’s as cheap as possible, we’re probably not the right company for you. However, if you’re looking for exceptional quality at a fair price then we’re certain to have the right product for you.

"I’m looking for an exceptional fitted sheet."

May we present

BELLA DONNA JERSEY – the queen of fitted sheets.Bella Donna Jersey is our bestselling sheet. A very high-quality sheet made from finely knitted yarn with a sophisticated finish. Meaning: the fabric is robust and opaque, yet feels wonderfully soft and supple and displays a subtle sheen.

"How about a little more shine?"

But of course

With BELLA DONNA PREMIUM, we’ve made something very special more special still.Even more finely knitted. Thanks to the additional process of double mercerisation, this fitted sheet has a particularly smooth surface with a lustrous silky sheen. Bella Donna quality for the ultra-luxury class.

"I want to treat myself to a little luxury."

The first step into the world of luxury fitted sheets

May we present our BELLA GRACIA? This sheet is knitted from compact yarn. It is slightly more lightweight, yet still opaque and very reliable in quality. Bella Gracia brings you high quality at an attractive price.

"I’m more of a terry type!"

Not a problem. As long as you don’t mind a rather sophisticated terry

You might easily fall in love with BELLA DONNA FINE TERRY (EDEL-FROTTEE). Extra small and regular terry loops ensure a particularly cosy feeling. The colours are vivid with a silky sheen. This sheet certainly won’t generate that typical terry ‘peeling effect’!

"Do you also make sheets for particularly thick mattresses, boxspring beds and mattress toppers?"

"ALL your fitted sheets are really high quality? So what does that mean?"

Yes they are and it means you’ll have pleasure in our products for a really long time to come.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the differences, let’s look at what all our fitted sheets have in common:

• First-class materials, high-quality fabrication
• No fabric pilling
• Colours that don’t wash out 
• A perfect, wrinkle-free fit that stays put all night
• Huge variety of colours and sizes for all bed systems
• Made in Germany

Service & advice

Do you need more advice or are you unsure which fitted sheet is the right one for you? We’ve put together some helpful tips and information for you in our service area.Here you will also find more information about fitted sheets for WATERBEDS and BOXSPRING BEDS.

Do you need a NON-STANDARD SIZE for your mattress? You can also find information about our atelier service here.

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