Satinesse Air

High-tech protective cover
with a 3D structure              

Our luxury mattress protector

Hygiene, temperature regulation, moisture control and pressure equalisation in a single product.


ClimatePartner certified product

Lying surface made from:
60% polyester, 40% TENCEL™ Lyocell
(100% TENCEL™ Lyocell on the upper side)

Jersey side sections made from:
97% cotton, 3% elastane

Additional anti-bacterial silver finish for more hygiene and freshness.

  • Permanent air circulation under your body
  • Moisture rejecting finish
  • High degree of comfort thanks to pressure equalisation
  • First-class materials, high-quality production in Germany
  • Perfect, wrinkle-free fit
  • Fitted sheet format for a beautifully smooth and even upper surface.
  • For all types of mattresses and bed systems
  • Mattress thicknesses: up to 12 cm, 30 cm or 45 cm

Your specialist retailer is happy to advise you.

Features & Functions

Breathable: ventilation thanks to high-tech 3D fabric

This mattress protector is made from knitted spacer fabric with a special 3D structure. A spacer fabric keeps the top and bottom sides of the fabric apart to create a permanent air buffer. Moreover, ventilation openings in the lying surface ensure optimum air circulation under your body. This regulates the temperature of your bed and stops moisture from being trapped under your body. Your sleep environment stays fresh, dry and pleasantly temperate.

Moisture rejecting finish

A moisture rejecting finish on the upper side creates a roll-off effect. Perspiration cannot penetrate the protective cover and instead evaporates, thanks to excellent ventilation. Providing perfect protection for your mattress.

Greater comfort thanks to pressure equalisation

The pronounced point elasticity of this special fabric spreads pressure and adjusts to your body, making the protector soft and comfortable to lie on. Lyocell on the upper side of the mattress protector creates a comfortably soft surface under your fitted sheet.                                   

Sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell

TENCEL™ Lyocell is derived from wood, a sustainable raw material that is fully biodegradable. The wood originates exclusively from sustainable, forestry management. The upper side of the lying surface is 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell.

Satinesse Air – with silver technology

The silver ion finish ensures an even greater hygiene and freshness. Silver has been used in medical applications for a long time. It is a naturally derived element that offers reliable protection against bacteria and microorganisms, even at low wash temperatures.

When silver ions are added during this additional finishing process, they are stored in the interstitial spaces of the yarn and are attached permanently to the fabric by strong adhesive forces. In other words, the effectiveness of a silver finish remains even after many washes (effectiveness lies at almost 100% after 30 washes at 60°C).                       

For every bed

A solution for ALL mattresses – as if

  • Bed types

    Our mattress protectors provide a perfect, wrinkle-free fit on all mattresses. Also on boxspring beds, futon mattresses and waterbeds.

  • Mattress thickness

    We have three protector versions depending on the thickness of your mattress:

    • Standard protectors fit mattresses up to 30 cm thick
    • La Piccola protectors are suitable for toppers up to 10 cm thick
    • Alto protectors are designed for thicknesses of up to 45 cm (e.g. boxspring)
  • More sophisticated beds

    More complicated bed systems with: 

    • An adjustable head section require our Duo1 version
    • Height-adjustable head and foot sections require our Duo2 version
    • A unique character require a custom-made sheet. Please ask your specialist retailer for advice.

If you know the dimensions (WxLxT) and the approximate hardness/softness of your mattress, your specialist retailer can find the perfect protector size for you.

Fitted sheet format

All Formesse mattress protectors fitted sheet format. In other words they envelop the mattress and are held in place by a robust elasticated border that is tucked away under the mattress. So unlike conventional mattress protectors, unattractive edges are not visible through the fitted sheet. Instead you have a beautifully smooth and even sleeping surface.      

No visible edges on your bed surface.

Easy to fit – which corner goes where

Especially when it comes to larger mattress protectors with a width of 160 cm or more, you’re often faced with the problem: "Which is the longer side and which is the shorter side?"

Every one of our protective covers comes with a care label, which also shows the size. The ‘clever corner’ with the label is designed to fit over the top right or bottom left corner of the mattress.

With the clever corner – your mattress protector fits perfectly first time.       

ClimatePartner certification – our contribution to climate protection

Since 2019 we have been working with ClimatePartner AG and supporting climate protection projects worldwide. In response to understandable public criticism of the lack of standardised guidelines around  green claims and the resulting risk of greenwashing, ClimatePartner AG has come up with a new label – one that is transparent, far-reaching and guided by binding reduction targets.  We have been using this new assessment process since 2023: We have completed the 5 steps for successful climate protection in cooperation with ClimatePartner and have received ClimatePartner certification for our company and our products.


High-quality, long-lasting bedroom textiles – that’s what the Formesse brand is all about. We see our company philosophy confirmed in the SLOW movement: We support a more appreciative, decelerated consumption of high-quality products with a much longer lifespan. In other words: We make the opposite of fast fashion, which prioritises offering the latest, constantly changing fashion trends in mostly poor quality and at the lowest possible price. 

We offer you premium quality – Made in Germany – that stands the test of time. SLOW.

Finest materials, naturally tested and certified

Cotton is a wonderful raw material, but unfortunately it doesn’t grow in Germany. We source our cotton and Tencel yarns and our super-fine elastane thread from selected German yarn dealers. The yarn we purchase is then knitted to form our jersey fabrics, dyed and finished in Germany. Around 95% of our products are made in Germany. A small but vital part is also carried out by a family business in Poland.

Our products are tested for harmful substances and certified by OEKO-TEX® Service GmbH.

Certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, 97.0.7666, Institut Hohenstein


Washing tip

Our protective covers should be washed before first use. Not only is it more hygienic, it also creates our perfect fit, as all knitted fabrics shrink the very first time they’re washed. The degree of initial shrinkage has been carefully calculated in all our patterns.

Your easy-care protective cover should be washed regularly as this guarantees permanent hygienic protection for your mattress.

Satinesse AIR pillow protector

Clean pillows also contribute to healthy, refreshing sleep.
You can find matching pillow protectors here. 

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