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Pillowcases to match our fitted sheets and summer blankets –
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"I’m looking for a pillowcase to match my fitted sheet."

May we present:


These jersey pillowcases, made from the finest ply yarn, are the counterpart to our Bella Donna Jersey fitted sheets. In the exact same high-quality, opaque, soft and supple jersey, and the same vivid colours.

"Do you have something to match my Bella Donna Summer Blanket? For refreshing sleep on hot nights?"

But of course:

BELLA DONNA summer pillowcases

Refreshing, fine summer pillowcase for hot summer nights. Made from high-quality cotton yarn with TENCEL™ Lyocell climate concept, aloe vera and argan oil.

The perfect complement to your Bella Donna Summer Blanket.

"Do you also have protective covers for pillows?"


We make protective covers for mattresses and pillows from a range of different fabrics offering different functions.

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