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"Why do my pillows need a protective cover?"

Healthy, refreshing sleep needs the right conditions. Protective covers protect your pillow from moisture, dirt and dead skin cells, so deprive dust mites of their food source. They also protect your pillow from unattractive stains and odours, thereby prolonging its lifespan.

"I want to protect my pillow so I can enjoy clean and healthy sleep."

May we present:

BELLA DONNA CLIMA pillow protector

Active hygienic protection with the functional fibre TENCEL™ Lyocell. Natural protection against dust mites, bacteria and odours. For a pleasantly dry sleep environment.

"My head sweats at night and I need something that will keep my pillow dry."

We’d recommend a molton.

EDEL-MOLTON pillow protector

2mm thick, soft pillow protector made from napped cotton molton. Extremely absorbent for a pleasantly dry sleep environment.

"Aren’t there high-tech fabrics that can do all sorts of things?"

We have something very special for you.

SATINESSE AIR pillow protector                      

This pillow protector has a three-dimensional mesh structure that balances heat, moisture and pressure in a single product.

"How does the pillow protector stay on my pillow?"

All Formesse pillow protectors have the same format as a pillowcase. They enclose the pillow completely and are closed by a high-quality, flat zip.             

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