Protective covers

Ensuring healthy and hygienic sleep. Formesse protective covers for mattresses – in both standard and non-standard sizes, and also for waterbeds.

Find out more about the similarities & differences between our protective covers.

Satinesse Air

This protective mattress cover with three-dimensional mesh structure combines heat balance, moisture control and pressure equalisation in a single product.

Bella Donna Clima

Natural, hygienic protection against dust mites, bacteria and unpleasant odours – high-performance mattress protector with the functional fibre Tencel®.

Bella Donna Edel-Molton (Fine Flannelette)

Extremely soft and absorbent mattress protector made from natural cotton.

Satinesse Protect

Moisture-resistant protective cover for mattresses. The breathable and stretchable polymer membrane prevents moisture or wetness from penetrating the protective cover.