Finding the right size of fitted sheet

To ensure that your fitted sheet has a perfect, wrinkle-free fit, it is important to choose the correct size of fitted sheet that suits the length, width and thickness of your particular mattress. Our fitted sheets come in combi sizes, which means that one size will fit a range of different mattresses within the specified size parameters. This is thanks to the exceptional elasticity of our fabrics.

Our three sheet versions, depending on mattress thickness:

  • Our Standard sheet fits mattresses up to 30cm thick.
  • Our La Piccola sheet is suitable for thin mattresses / toppers up to 10cm thick.
  • Our Alto sheet fits thicknesses of up to 45cm. It is designed for a very thick mattress or to go over a mattress with a topper on top (e.g. boxspring bed).



Our combi sizes are a practical bonus of our fitted sheets’ exceptional elasticity.

For example, our Bella Donna Jersey fitted sheet in a size 13 will fit mattresses with a: Width of 140 - 160cm Length of 200 - 220cm Thickness of up to 30cm.

Our TIP for correct sizing:

To ensure your sheet fits perfectly, please do not use the upper limits of all three measurements (width, length and thickness) in combination. In this case, the measurements 160 x 220 x 30cm (WxLxT).
If you’re reaching the upper limits of all three measurements, we recommend choosing the next size up or opting for our Alto version. One of our specialist retailers will be happy to help you with this somewhat tricky question.

Our TIP for washing:

Please wash your sheet before first use. Not only is it more hygienic, it also creates our perfect fit, as all knitted fabrics shrink the very first time they’re washed. The degree of initial shrinkage has been carefully calculated in all our patterns.


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