Fitted sheets

Formesse is the specialist for high-quality bed linen. All our fitted sheets are made in Germany according to the OekoTex® – Standard 100 and stand for impeccable quality, a perfect fit on every mattress thanks to excellent elasticity and recovery, as well as an exceptionally wide range of up to 54 colours.

Find out more about the similarities & differences between our fitted sheets.

Bella Donna Premium

The premium version of Bella Donna Jersey: with an even finer feel. With a silky shimmer and brilliant colours thanks to mercerisation.

Bella Donna Jersey

Our bestseller. Top quality that is worth every penny. Pleasantly heavy and hard-wearing fabric thanks to its high material density. Exceptionally comfortable and soft.

Bella Donna Professional

Our bestseller Bella Donna Jersey in a special boil wash and chlorine resistant version for the luxury hotel industry and home-based care.

Bella Donna Edel-Frottee (Fine Terry)

Pleasantly warm and cosy fabric with a palpably high material density. Extra small terry loops and an elegant sheen.

Bella Sephina

Medium-heavy fabric with a pleasantly soft feel. Reliably high quality.

Bella Gracia

Enter the world of luxury fitted sheets. Somewhat lighter fabric. Very reliable quality at an attractive price.